What’s Tea Got To Do With It?

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One of the
things we hear over and over again from people in the tea world is
how so many great relationships have been created and nurtured
through tea. But what is it in tea culture that’s so good at
bringing us together?

In this
week’s episode we get philosophical about tea and
relationships with Benjamin Olshin and Alex Schein,  two
men whose own friendship was forged over tea and who have helped
build community through tea in their professional and personal
lives. Ben, a writer, teacher and consultant, teaches philosophy
(among other things) at the University of the Arts, and has
co-owned a Taiwanese-inspired teahouse in Philadelphia. Alex, a
media producer, singer and songwriter, has run two teahouses in the
U.S. and has produced and directed a documentary about Dobra Tea.
Together we talk about why tea is not just a beverage but an
experience, a practice, a way of being, a way of relating with
each other and with the


You can watch Alex’s film, “Dobra Tea: The
Good Tearoom” at More
information about Alex’s work is at and

You can
find Ben’s books on under Benjamin B.


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