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Mar 31, 2017

Earlier this year, TJ Williamson of the World Tea
Podcast invited us to join him in leading a session on
industry-specific podcasting at Podcamp Toronto. And when the
nice folks at Podcamp also gave us the opportunity to record a
Talking Tea episode in front of a live audience at Toronto’s
Imperial Pub,  TJ
graciously agreed to join us as a guest on Talking Tea, to chat
about the backgrounds of our two podcasts, why we do what we do,
and about TJ’s work in tea outside of his show.

TJ tells us a bit about his own tea journey and some of
his experiences working at a Japanese tea farm, and then we respond
to one of the questions we received several times after our panel
talk: why neither of us include a focus on herbal infusions in our
podcasts. TJ’s views on herbals are somewhat different from our
own, and we chat about our differences as well as our two
approaches to tea and tea podcasting.

Of course, since we were recording this show in a bar,
we had to talk about TJ’s line of alcohol-aged teas (shown above),
as well as the tea tasting logbook TJ produces.  And that
brings us back to the focus we share: exploring tea’s amazing
spectrum of flavors and aromas, and delving into the science,
artistry and craft that goes into producing them.

World Tea Podcast is at, and you can
also follow TJ on TwitterInstagram and
If you’re interested in hearing what we had to say in our seminar
on industry-specific podcasting, check out a recording of our
session on TJ’s site


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This podcast features music from “Japanese Flowers”
( by mpgiiiBEATS
( available under a Creative Commons
Attribution 3.0 Unported license
( Adapted from


Photo courtesy of TJ Williamson.












Green 85

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