New Visions in Japanese Tea

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If you’ve listened to our Talkin’ Matcha episodes you’ll
recognize the name of Tyas Huybrechts. Tyas has been a blogger and
tea ceremony instructor based in Osaka and Kyoto, Japan, and we’re
delighted to welcome Tyas back to Talking Tea to chat about his new
venture, The Tea Crane, a company focused on chemical-free Japanese

Tyas shares his views on how the use of chemical
fertilizers and pesticides has impacted the taste and aroma of
Japanese teas and influenced the preferences of tea
consumers.  Tyas is also an instructor in the Enshu school of
Japanese tea ceremony, and we discuss his vision for spreading an
awareness and understanding of tea ceremony through emphasizing the
role of the guest in tea ceremony education.

More about The Tea Crane, including information
about its programs, workshops and classes, can be found at its

and on its Facebook


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This podcast features music from “Japanese Flowers”
( by mpgiiiBEATS
( available under a Creative Commons
Attribution 3.0 Unported license
( Adapted from


Photo of tea farm in the mountains of Nara
Prefecture, Japan, courtesy of Tyas Huybrechts.

Green 85

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