A New Model of Tea Farming in Bangladesh

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This week on Talking Tea
we chat via Skype with Chris Olsen of Teatulia, an organic tea
producer based in Bangladesh founded on principles of social
responsibilty and sustainability.

You may be familiar with
the unique flavor profiles of Teatulia’s teas and blends, and Chris
and I discuss the influence of the Bangladeshi terroir on the
complex flavors and aromas of some of Teatulia’s award-winning
teas. But what most impressed us at Talking Tea was the positive
impact Teatulia has made on the environment and society surrounding
its tea garden. Chris talks about Teatulia’s transformation of
a formerly desert terrain into a lush tea-growing region, and how
Teatulia has not only created jobs but also fostered literacy
programs. schools, and economic opportunity through better working
conditions and its unique cattle lending and farm sharing

You can find Teatulia’s teas
and information about Teatulia’s programs at If you’re
interested in purchasing tea through Teatulia’s website, be sure to
listen for the discount code for Talking Tea listeners toward the
end of the episode. You can also find Teatulia on Facebook
on Instagram at, and on
Twitter @teatulia.


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Photo of Teatulia’s
tea garden courtesy of Teatulia.


Green 85

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